About Kostolna Ves village

The first written mention is from 1332. Its landmark is the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary, originally dedicated to God’s body. Near the village there is a water reservoir Rudno dam with inlet and Belanka Nitrica outlet, offers rich opportunities for recreation, water sports and fishing. Nearby village there is a spa town Bojnice. The village is surrounded by pleasant scenery of Strážov mountains, which are suitable for hiking or biking.

About Nitrianske Rudno village

The first written mention of the village Nitrianske Rudno is from 1275. Originally belonged Diviackovci family, in the 16th century and later Ulfalušiovi family and then Rudnaiovci family later.
Locals dealt mainly with agriculture. The proof is one part of a general herald character. In the lower half of the herald from 1858 there is a mead engraved, and sheaf on it and vomer and plow.
In the upper half of the herald there is a band that should also be considered as the mead. There are three hills on the top of. From the sides spreads tree grows, the middle hill the deer jumps over..

Water dam Rudno

Rudno is a water reservoir in the central Slovakia in district of Prievidza on the upper river Nitrica. It is located in a valley near the village of Rudnianska Rudno. The water reservoir was built in 1951. The water surface covers an area of 0.96 square kilometers, max. a length of 1.46 km, max. width 0.6 km, max. depth of 13.5 meters. It is used mainly for swimming, sailing, fishing and water sports. There are restaurants, hostel, campsite and car camping near the reservoir.


Bojnice and attractions

Bojnice castle

Bojnice Castle belongs to the most beautiful and the most visited castles in Central Europe. It is sought after by many visitors from all around the world. The castle is towering at the foot of Strazov Uplands on a travertine hill above the town Bojnice. It is one of the oldest and the most important castles in Slovakia. The first written note of its existence comes back to 1113, it was found in a document of Zobor abbey.

Bojnice Castle is a national culture heritage and a residence of museum. There are culture and social events held in the area of the castle, e.g. concerts of classical music in Hunady’s hall, performance of historical fencing group, wedding ceremonies in Golden hall. Bojnice Castle is the place where a traditional festival of ghosts and haunting takes place. The area is attractive for its large park with a famous historical King’s Matej Korvin’s lime tree. A legend says that Matus Cak Trenciansky seeded the tree in1301 when the last king of the Arpads family Ondrej III died. The lime tree grew up into a magnificent tree. In its best time it had diameter approx. 36 metres, main branches were reaching 28 metres and its perimeter was 12 metres. There used to be all kinds of picnics organised under this tree. King Matej Korvin (1458 – 1490), famous for the fact he loved staying in Bojnice, used to hold big feasts and meetings under the lime tree.

Bojnice Spa

Bojnice Spa is located in the attractive town of Bojnice with a historic ambience, which is one of the major tourist centres of the region Upper Nitra. It is located in central Slovakia, in the eastern edge of the mountain range Strážovské Hills. Quiet environment of spa area consists of romantic spa park with a pleasant atmosphere.
Healing thermal water – acratotherme, which works to improve the metabolic and immunological reactions in human body, forms the basis of therapeutic procedures. It benefits the vegetative nervous system.
Indications of the spa include musculoskeletal disorders, kidney and urinary tract illnesses, as well as gynecological and nervous diseases.

Bojnice ZOO

The oldest zoo garden in Slovakia is situated next to dominant Bojnice Castle in beautiful nature. It covers area of 42 hectares and it was established in 1955. Hundreds of thousand guests visit it and look over its expositions every year. On the grounds of Zoo Bojnice you can see about 270 species of bred animals and over 2 600 individuals from the smallest fish in aquarium up to the largest African elephants in their pavilion. Many wild freely living species of birds and small mammals are very interesting. The Zoo in Bojnice opens daily all over the year.

Museum of prehistory

Bojnice is considered a jewel of the primeval history, the most valuable Neanderthal prehistoric man site in Slovakia. Museum of prehistory located on the original site inhabited with Neanderthals in prehistoric times (area of the travertine Prepost cave), in an interesting form elucidates their life: which stone tools they were able to produce, what they ate, how they hunted animals, what they wore, how they your shared work in prehistoric gang in order to survive … Archeologists consider Bojnice as the richest Paleolithic site of Slovak history. Amount of chipped stone tools were discovered here (eg. knife to cut up the caught animals, chisels, spear points). Excavations of animal bones are represented by the ancient bones of a rhinoceros, mammoth, deer, cave lion, deer, bison and other mammals and birds.

Falconers Aquilla

The show of falconers with bird predators is a 15 minute program where we introduce flights of buzzards, rarn owl, eagle owl, condor and golden eagle. We performe with costumed from Great Moravia with historical music.

Linden of King Matthias

Linden of King Matthias grows in Bojnice park and is the property of the Slovak National Museum – Museum Bojnice. According to legend, linden was planted by Matthew Csák in 1301, when the last king of the House of Arpad Andrew III. died. At the time of its glory peak a treetop had a diameter of about 36 meters, branches ranged up to 28 meters and perimeter was 12 meters. Under the tree there various meetings took place. King Matthias Corvinus (1458 – 1490), who loved the stays in Bojnice, organized a large banquets and meetings under this linden. Its relation to the linden is described in royal charter dated in Bojnice. Due to these facts the linden is now known as King Matthias linden.

Hornonitriansky mining museum

Tour through mining museum can be done near Prievidza town. Visitor have the opportunity to take the feelings of miner with everything that belongs to the profession. The aim of tour is to offers visitors the experience to survive the same way daily the miners experience doing their duties.The route starts at the surface mine, continues with mine train driving distance of 2 312 meters to a lignite mine. Tour the mining museum can be seen as a form of education, extending the horizon and the view to a mining conditions and not least the one of the leisure opportunities in the region.

Bojnice outlook

Peak over the chapel of the Virgin Mary, which is the last stop of Calvary, there is a newly built observation place with spectacular views. Visitors will arises a view of the city Bojnice and Prievidza with surrounding villages with a dominant Bojnice Castle. In the background there can be seen the mountains Vtacnik and Fatra. Access to the outlook is possible to get by walk about 40 minutes from Bojnice (direction Nitrianske Rudno). The route is shared with climb to Bojnice Calvary. Consequently, from the chapel Our Lady of Sorrows, the route continues straight and connects to the main walkway to the prospect. The prospect is possible to get by path from the chalet Vigľaš also by the path that starts at Autocamping Bojnice.

Mysterium Bojnice

Mystery Bojnice is a fun puzzle game for wide group of people of different ages. The main idea is thematically furnished room with puzzles and secrets, which are found and dealt with that game participants gradually. To crack the mysteries they have an hour. The discovery of the keys to the secret cabinet, understanding symbols and courage in determiningare the conditions for the opening to the exit.Currently you can take two games “The Alchemist” and “The family of the blue rose”. The second game can be played only when the game Alchymist has been played prior.

Segway tour na kolesách

Segway tours are in the town for several years. Over the past year we managed to improve the service quality. Segways is the best way to discover the city: they are comfortable, easy to use and fun. Team consists of responsible young people who are very fond of talking, they know every street in the city and offers you all the necessary information for your unforgettable stay. Segway tours mostly consist of up to 10 people. In addition the city tours offers animation programs and teambuilding activities for companies.

The parish church of St. Martin Bishop of Tours

The history of parish church in Bojnice have approximately 1,000 years-back to the 11. century, when Romanesque church already stood here. The first written mention about the Church is from the year 1224. Today’s Church of St. Martin Bishop of Tours is one of the oldest municipalities of upper Nitra region attractions, is the second most important dominates the town. It comes from a 14. century-was built in the years 1370-1380 in the style of Baroque Gothic, and later modified in particular. Today, the Church is made up of the campus Church, 2 chapels: St. John Nepomucký and sv. Michael the Archangel, rectory and the garden of Eden with the lime trees.


Distant places to spend free time

Thermal pool Chalmová

The Chalmová thermal swimming pool is situated 20 km from the Prievidza regional town and 15 km from the town of Partizánske. The hot thermal water has been found in this region since time immemorial. The first visual report is from 1923, when the first wooden indoor pool was built.

The swimming pool is situated in nice, silent surroundings, directly under Drieňový hill of the Strážovská upland. The thermal springs with water temperature from 25°C to 34°C are located on a number of places in the area of the swimming pool. Except springs, also three drill holes are built with depth from 150 to 217 m and water temperature from 31°C to 42°C. All pools of the swimming pool are filled from these sources. Attraction is the two indoor regeneration pools with whole year operation that were built directly on the thermal springs. The warm thermal water wells forth into them directly from the springs on the bottom of the pool. The water temperature in the pools moves between 32 – 34 °C and 37 – 40°C and is being regulated by the water from the drills.

The distinctive village of Čičmany

The distinctive village of Cicmany lies in the valley of the Strazovske Hillsm almost next to the spring of the River Rajcianka. The village is known for its historic and unique architecture – painted, wooden houses. . In order to preserve them, in 1977 the lower part of the village was declared a historical reserve of folk architecture. The architecture is reminiscent of a “gingerbread house”, mainly due to the ornamental decorations of the outside walls of the houses. These objects are valuable proof of technical development, master’s skills and the aesthetic feeling of the inhabitants. The geometric decorations are approximately 200 years old. The simple ornaments were painted using white lime which also had the function of conservation and protection. The village of Cicmany is the highest village in the Zilian region. The first note of the village is from 1272.

Horse riding – Monty ranch

The ranch is located in Nitrianske Pravno, in its part Vyšehradné situated in the central Slovakia in the district of Prievidza on the border of two territories of Upper Nitra and Turiec. The Monty ranch offers year-round horseback riding courses, special “in the saddle” holidays for children and youth as summer camps. The courses support natural way of riding, either in the classic English style or the western style. You can get your horse housed in spacious boxes with large yards and green pastures. Basic trainings can be arranged too The ranch also offers weekend getaways for families with children, and for groups, too.

Horse-riding club Mitani Kocúrany

Riding club Mitani is located in beautiful countryside in the village Kocurany, near the historical town of Bojnice. Club offers riding courses for beginners under the guidance of experienced instructors, horse riding for advanced as well as for children and adults or even walking and walking horseback riding in the nature of Upper Nitra and the surrounding area of Bojnice. The area of the club is a great place for families to spend a nice afternoon in beautiful countryside with horse riding opportunities.

Waterworld Sebedražie

If You have the feeling, that at least for a while you need to escape from civilization 21th century and you need to have a more energy from nature, you should definitely go to our waterworld.

You will discover the essence of pure energy tucked away in the water, stone and wood, a haven for weary adventurers as well. Crystal Mountain Brook connects a set of lakes, ponds and tanks, in which they live a variety of freshwater fish. Here you can test your fishing skills and try to be fished got caught catfish, rainbow trout,warlike pike or big carp. Your children will play with original climbing frames – –huge Crocodile, horse, piranha, sperm-whale or mysterious turtle. All these magnificent monsters are works by leading Czech artists, who, in an open-air Gallery of sculptural form annually during the Symposium works of art to the pleasures of entrants.

Sightseeing flights

Another interesting attraction – airport in Prievidza offers sightseeing flights to their clients. If the weather is nice, you can admire beautiful panoramatic view of Bojnice and whole Upper Nitra. A nice present or surprise for your partner can be a tandem or solo parachuting jump, which is offered by Aeroclub Prievidza.

Tandem parachute jump over the city Prievidza

Unlike other sport airports in Slovakia, which are mostly located in suburbs of towns and villages, our airport is located in the beautiful Upper Nitra Basin between Prievidza and Bojnice with a unique view of Bojnice castle. The center of Bojnice, which are one of the most visited tourist centers in Slovakia, can be reached in 15 minutes. You can visit the above-mentioned Bojnice castle with its attractions. Additionally you can see the largest Zoo in the Slovak Republic and to participate in performances of historical fencing and falconers to their permanent stage. Alternatively, you can visit the thermal swimming pool Seagul and Spa Bojnice. This, of course, by no means all, the possibilities are much more.

Golf Club Scotland

Discover with us golf game for the whole family. You can find us in the beautiful setting in Sebedražie in Prievidza. We offer golf training center with a 6-hole academy, chipping and putting green, a large shaped 18-hole putting green High Tatra since September 2015 and a new 9-hole mountain golf course with elements of Scottish golf. There can be found two typical Scottish sand barriers – bunker at No. 5 wells and 9th.

Minigolf Prievidza

Novovybudovaný minigolfový areál v mestskom parku v Prievidzi. Prístup autom od športovej haly smerom na letisko – Riečna ulica. Prístup pešo chodníkom od ZŠ Sama Chalupku alebo chodníkom od Bojníc. Miniaturgolfové ihrisko existuje už od roku 1974 a nachádza sa na bojnickej strane, vpravo od toku rieky Nitry. Mostíkom je prepojené s novovybudovaným areálom, v ktorom
sa nachádzajú dve nové ihriská – minigolfové filcové a eternitové miniaturgolfové. Súčasťou je aj veľmí príjemné, útulné nefajčiarske bistro Golfík s krbom a plazmovou obrazovkou. Šarmantná a ochotná obsluha. Vhodné na usporiadanie spoločenských, firemných alebo rodinných akcií.

The newly built mini-golf area in a city park in Prievidza. Accessed by car from the sports hall towards the airport – River Street. Accessed by walking path from the school itself Chalupku or footpath from Bojnice. Minigolf field has existed since 1974 and it is situated the right of the river Nitra towards Bounce side. With little bridge it is connected to the newly built area in which there are two new playgrounds – mini-felt and asbestos cement minigolf. It also includes a very nice, cozy bistro non-smoking Golfík with fireplace and plasma TV. Charming and courteous service. Suitable for hosting social, corporate or family events.

Mountain and hill Magura

It is the highest peak of Mala Magura, geomorphological subunit Strážovské hills. 1141.3 m n. m. It located in the district of Prievidza and the nearest villages are Nevidzany, Poruba and Chvojnica.

Water reservoir Kanianka

The village Kanianka is a good place also for recreation and tourism. It lies south direction from Poruba and west direction of Bojnice. It is the largest village of Upper Nitra region. It is known for its little dam designed for sport fishing and water sports.

Poruba village

Poruba is located in the Upper Nitra Basin northwest of the city Prievidza. The most important monument is the Gothic church Nicholas from the 14th century. Above the village there is a ski resort, which in winter offers a place for active sports.

The village water dam Nedožery Brezany

The village is situated in the Upper Nitra basin, approximately 5 km north of Prievidza city. Its remarkable landmark is the Roman Catholic church from 1939, coupled with an older Gothic church (1409). An interesting feature is the water area designed for sports.


Kľak is significant rocky peak on the main ridge south of Lúčanská Mala Fatra. It is a good place for hiking and winter sports. Skiarena Fačkov is a paradise for lovers of winter sports and adrenaline.

Mountain range Vtáčnik

Vtáčnik is significant recky and mountainy peak on the main ridge of the mountain range with the same name. It located in the central part of the mountain on the border of Trenčínn and Banská Bystrica and Prievidza districts and Žarnovica. It offers beautiful hiking experiences and views up towards the Tatry Mountains.